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Aeonium Kiwi Tricolor 'Verigated' (Bare Rooted)

Aeonium Kiwi Tricolor 'Verigated' (Bare Rooted)

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Aeonium Kiwi Tricolor 'Variegated' is a stunning and eye-catching succulent with magnificent variegated foliage. It is commonly known as Aeonium Kiwi. This specific cultivar is highly valued for its lively and dynamic appearance, which is attributed to its beautiful rosettes of leaves that exhibit colours of green, pink, and creamy white. The hybrid succulent Aeonium Kiwi Tricolor 'Variegated' is endemic to the Canary Islands and North Africa and is a member of the Aeonium genus. Usually growing in a rosette shape, it has a compact, symmetrical leaf arrangement.

A drought-tolerant succulent that brings colour and intrigue to any environment, Aeonium Kiwi Tricolor thrives in full sun to partial shade and well-draining soil. Plant enthusiasts searching for unusual types adore it for its low maintenance requirements and stunning architectural design. Aeonium Kiwi Tricolor is renowned for drawing attention to themselves and serving as focal pieces in indoor or outdoor arrangements. 

Exclusive to Secculent, Aeonium Kiwi Tricolor 'Variegated' is a wonderful addition to any succulent collection. Bring this amazing succulent home form Secculent website to create a lively, bright space where people will appreciate and treasure its vivid colours and distinctive variegation. Aeonium Kiwi Tricolor has a compelling appearance that will elevate your living area or yard.


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