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Aloe Donnie 'Christmas Carol' -(Bare Rooted)

Aloe Donnie 'Christmas Carol' -(Bare Rooted)

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Aloe Donnie 'Christmas Carol' is a beautiful and unusual succulent, and it is highly valued for its vivid and festive appearance. Because of its unique red and green foliage, this specific cultivar of the Aloe genus is particularly well-liked during the Christmas season. The name "Christmas Carol" comes from the striking contrast between the usually green leaves of Aloe 'Christmas Carol' and their prominent red edges and dots. It can also give another layer of visual interest with its tubular, orange-red flowers on long stalks during its flowering period, which is typically in late winter to early spring. The leaves resemble holiday decorations. This succulent needs low maintenance, so it will be best for experienced and novice gardeners. 

Aloe Donnie 'Christmas Carol' is best grown in strong, indirect sunshine because it promotes vigorous growth and vivid hue. The plant can be watered more frequently during its active growing season, which is usually in the spring and summer. Aloe Donnie 'Christmas Carol' needs soil that drains well to grow. Use soil that is specially mixed for succulents. 

Aloe Donnie 'Christmas Carol' is an exquisite and joyous complement to any collection of succulents. This succulent plant will be delivered as bare-rooted, which means the soil around its roots will not be there. This practice prevents any kind of disease in plants. Order Aloe Donnie 'Christmas Carol' from Secculent now!


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