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Black Aloe (Bare Rooted)

Black Aloe (Bare Rooted)

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Black Aloe is known for its therapeutic qualities and succulent appearance. "Black aloe" usually describes a group of aloe vera species with dark-coloured leaves. These aloes have leaves that, in certain situations, might seem nearly black. Typically, aloe plants have fleshy, thick leaves that emerge from a central stalk in a rosette pattern. The leaves can be green, reddish-brown, or almost black, depending on sunshine exposure, soil composition, and heredity.

Aloe Vera plants vary greatly in size based on the kind and environment in which they develop. They might be huge, bushy plants or small, compact plants. This plant needs bright light to grow. Water this plant regularly; do not let its soil dry; otherwise, its leaves can be damaged. This plant is not good for direct sunlight, so place it in a covered garden or near windows. The soil made for cactus and succulents will be good for this plant.

Black Aloe will be delivered as "bare rooted," meaning there will be no soil on its roots. This method is very helpful for plants, it prevents them from different types of plant disease. If you want this beautiful Black Aloe at your place, order it from Secculent now.


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