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Chinese Stonecrop (Bare Rooted)

Chinese Stonecrop (Bare Rooted)

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Sedum Tetractinum  is a hardy succulent native to China, also known as Chinese stonecrop. This succulent is prized for its eye-catching foliage and dense, mat-forming growth. The plant has small, spherical leaves that give seasonal interest. The leaves are brilliant green in the warmer months and can become reddish or bronze in the cooler ones. Sedum Tetractinum  spreads up to 18 inches and typically grows to a height of 2-4 inches, which makes it a great ground cover or addition to rock gardens and container arrangements.

Sedum Tetractinum  grows in soil that drains properly. Direct sunlight and shaded areas are good for this succulent. Do not forget to water the soil regularly but sparingly. Let the soil dry in between applications. Avoid overwatering because it can damage the roots of the plant. This succulent grows best at mild temperatures. While it can withstand some frost, it should be shielded from very cold temperatures as well. 

This succulent is an easy maintenance plant and with its vibrant foliage, Chinese Stonecrop is a versatile and appealing choice for various gardening applications. Chinese Stonecrop will come bare rooted, which means the soil will not be around its roots. This method is very helpful for plants because it decreases the chances of any disease in plants while in transit. A bare-rooted plant should be planted as soon as it is received. Examine the roots and cut off any damaged areas. Order Chinese Stonecrop now from Secculent.


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