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Crassula Muscosa "Princess Pine" (Bare Rooted)

Crassula Muscosa "Princess Pine" (Bare Rooted)

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 Crassula Muscosa is a distinctive and intriguing member of the Crassulaceae family. This succulent is named after its common name, "Princess Pine" or "Watch Chain." It is indigenous to South Africa and is highly valued for its unique look and low maintenance requirements. Princess Pine has long, thin stems that are packed full of small, overlapping leaves that are arranged in a manner like a spiral or chain. The leaves are brilliant green and cylindrical in shape. They frequently turn reddish-purple when under stress or in strong sunshine. 

Crassula Muscosa can have a cascading or trailing effect when it reaches a height of 12 inches (30 cm). Princess Pine may have tiny clusters of star-shaped white or pale pink flowers at the tips of its stems in the spring and summer, which would give its appearance a delicate touch. Plant the roots in the soil, making sure the base of the stems is at ground level, and use well-draining soil. Bright, indirect sunshine is ideal for Princess Pine's growth. Princess Pine can withstand droughts, but over-watering can cause root rot. Maintain a temperature range of 65–75°F for this beautiful plant. 

We sold this plant as "bare rooted," which means it has been removed from its pot or growing medium, leaving its roots exposed. This method of shipping minimises weight and reduces the risk of soil-borne diseases. You can get your first Crassula Muscosa from Secculent. Order now!


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