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Crassula Ovata - Money Tree "Kuberakshi Plant" (Bare Rooted)

Crassula Ovata - Money Tree "Kuberakshi Plant" (Bare Rooted)

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Crassula Ovata, also referred to as Jade Plant, is prized for its low maintenance requirements and symbolic meaning. The plant, which is native to South Africa and a member of the Crassulaceae family, is prized for both its hardiness and lovely beauty.

The broad, oval-shaped, glossy, succulent leaves of Crassula Ovata are usually deep green. The leaves are borne on erect stalks and may become reddish-purple in reaction to stress or sunlight. This beautiful succulent can grow into a huge, bushy shrub or a small, potted plant, depending on its age and growing conditions. Mature Crassula Ovata can have clusters of tiny, star-shaped white or pink flowers when the weather is right, which would add to the plant's appeal.

Plant the roots in the soil using well-draining soil. In bright, indirect sunshine, money trees grow well. Crassula Ovata can withstand moderate direct sunlight, but excessive exposure can scorch the leaves. Water the plant infrequently, letting the soil dry up in between applications. Avoid overwatering because it can damage roots and cause root rot. Money trees need protection from frost and temperatures of 65 to 75°F. Crassula Ovata will be delivered as bare-rooted, which means the soil will not be there on the roots. This procedure prevents any type of root damage in the plant. Get your Crassula Ovata from Secculent.


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