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Echeveria 'Fleur Blanc' (Bare Rooted)

Echeveria 'Fleur Blanc' (Bare Rooted)

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 Echeveria 'Fleur Blanc' is an elegant succulent. This succulent is well-known for the way its succulent leaves form rosettes, with tips that are pink in colour and ranging from pale green to white. The symmetrical rosettes, which can reach a diameter of up to 8 inches, add a refined touch to any succulent arrangement. During the blooming season, it may have long stems that contain small, bell-shaped blooms in pastel colours, adding to its visual appeal. 

Fleur Blanc enjoys bright, indirect sunlight; however, it may tolerate some direct sunlight. Water this plant in gaps, allowing the soil to dry completely between waterings and preventing root rot. It grows best in temperatures between 65 and 80°F, although it is not frost-tolerant. Plant this succulent in a spot in the garden that drains well or a container that has drainage holes, which is perfect for succulent mixes or cacti. Plant the naked plant carefully, spreading its roots throughout the soil. Gently press the soil over the roots of the plant to hold it in place.  

Echeveria 'Fleur Blanc' is a low-maintenance succulent that enhances any indoor or outdoor setting with its graceful rosettes and easy care requirements. If you also want to give an elegant look to your garden or indoors, then get your Echeveria 'Fleur Blanc' from Secculent now. Echeveria 'Fleur Blanc' is delivered to your place as bare-rooted, which is very important for plant health while in transit. After getting the plant, plant it bare-rooted as soon as possible in well-draining soil. Order now!


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