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English Ivy (Bare Rooted)

English Ivy (Bare Rooted)

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English ivy is a well-liked and adaptable evergreen vine that is valued for its thick, luxuriant foliage and capacity to climb or spread horizontally. The scientific name for English ivy is Hedera helix. English ivy leaves are glossy and dark green and usually have five lobes. However, some varieties may have more or less lobes. Dense growth of leaves along stems that can climb surfaces via aerial rootlets or spread horizontally to form a thick carpet. Inconspicuous greenish-white blooms are produced by English ivy in late summer to early fall, which are followed by black berries that have a somewhat poisonous taste when consumed.

English ivy may withstand some direct sunlight. It prefers full to partial shade, especially in colder locations. Once established, it can withstand droughts, although it likes consistently moist soil. Hedera helix prefers 50–70°F temperatures. It needs organic matter-rich, well-draining soil. Soils high in clay should be avoided since they can cause root rot.

English ivy is a multipurpose plant that can be used in a variety of contexts as a ground cover, climber, or trailing plant. It is frequently applied to trellises, walls, and fences to give vertical surfaces more texture and greenery. English Ivy is also suitable for containers, hanging baskets, and indoor plantings, providing year-round interest with its dense foliage. English ivy will be delivered as bare-rooted, which means soil around its roots will be absent. Get your English ivy from Secculent now!


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