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Gold Moss Sedum Grass (Bare Rooted)

Gold Moss Sedum Grass (Bare Rooted)

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Gold Moss Sedum is a low-growing succulent perennial that is highly valued for producing a vivid ground cover and dense, golden-yellow foliage. It is sometimes referred to as Golden Carpet Sedum or Sedum Acre. The tiny, needle-like leaves of Gold Moss Sedum grow densely along creeping stems to make a thick mat of foliage. When they receive plenty of sunlight, especially in the spring and summer, the leaves have a striking golden-yellow hue. Gold Moss Sedum may yield tiny, star-shaped yellow flowers in late spring or early summer that draw pollinators like bees and butterflies. This plant can spread widely and reach heights of up to 4-6 inches, which makes it a great option for covering bare ground, pouring over walls, and filling in spaces between rocks.

For Gold Moss Sedum growth, full to moderate sunlight is essential. Increased exposure to sunshine tends to intensify the foliage's golden hue. These plants prefer well-draining soil to avoid root rot, and they can withstand drought conditions. It needs minimal water while growing and thrives at temperatures between 60 and 75°F. Although it can withstand most temperatures, it should be shielded from extremely high or low temperatures. 

Gold Moss Sedum is a multipurpose plant and can be utilised as a container plant, ground cover, or accent piece in a rock garden. Like any other succulents, this plant is also delivered as bare-rooted. Order your Gold Moss Sedum from Secculent now!


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