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Haworthiopsis Coarctata (Bare Rooted)

Haworthiopsis Coarctata (Bare Rooted)

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 Haworthiopsis Coarctata is a delightful succulent species that is prized for its eye-catching beauty and low maintenance requirements. It is formerly known as Haworthia Coarctata. This beautiful succulent is from South Africa and is a member of the Asphodelaceae family, which also includes the well-known succulents Gasteria and Aloe. 

Haworthiopsis Coarctata is distinguished by a compact rosette of dense, triangular leaves that assemble into close clusters for an eye-catching display. Typically dark green in colour, the leaves are attractively adorned with unique elevated white bands or tubercles that run horizontally over the surface of each leaf. The plant frequently has a banded or zebra-like look due to these markings. This succulent is good for your indoors and outdoors.

This elegant succulent can be replanted with its roots exposed, which is not too difficult. Haworthiopsis Coarctata is delivered as bare-rooted, which means it will come with no soil on its roots. This method is very important for a plant's health because it avoids the chance of a kind of root disease in the plant while in transit. However, in order to guarantee the plant's good establishment, it needs to be attended to right away upon arrival. Give your indoors or outdoors an elegant look with Haworthiopsis Coarctata. Order this succulent form Secculent now!


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