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Mammillaria Brown Red Pearl Cactus (Bare Rooted)

Mammillaria Brown Red Pearl Cactus (Bare Rooted)

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Red cactus varieties are generally grafted specimens. You can find these grafted plants in a wide spectrum of shades. While not a naturally occurring plant, the grafted species of cacti are a unique way of enjoying these easy-to-grow succulents and still have the red color you desire. Outside of grafted types, there are plenty of cacti with red flowers or fruits that will bring that cheery red hue into your sight.

Most cactus bodies are green to bluish green or even grayish green. If you want a truly red plant, you will need to purchase or make a grafted specimen. This is not as hard as it sounds since cacti are easy to propagate from stems or leaves. In the types of red cactus that are sold, moon cactus and chin cactus are commonly grafted. They are considered ball cacti and are grafted onto another cactus rootstock. The result is an interesting plant with a green base and a colorful top. These come in red, yellow, orange, pink, and even purple tops. They are just as easy to care for as a regular cactus yet in a rainbow of hues.

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