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Mother Of Thousands ( Bare Rooted)

Mother Of Thousands ( Bare Rooted)

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Mother of Thousands (Kalanchoe Daigremontiana) is an intriguing and abundant succulent renowned for its unusual reproduction strategy and eye-catching look. Mother of Thousands is native to Madagascar and a member of the Crassulaceae family. Sometimes, this plant is also known as the Devil's Backbone or Alligator Plant. Tiny plantlets, or "babies," border the edges of these leaves. These babies can fall off and take root anywhere they land, hence the nickname "Mother of Thousands." Its thick, triangular leaves, which grow along the stem in opposite pairs, are what give it its distinctive look. 

Mother of Thousands grows better in bright, indirect sunlight, as it promotes healthy pigmentation. It needs very little irrigation and is comparatively low maintenance. The secret to watering this succulent properly is to let the soil totally dry up in between applications, as overwatering can lead to root rot. This plant is well-known for growing quickly and bearing a large number of plantlets. Placing these plantlets on top of moist soil is an easy way to multiply them; they will take root and grow into new plants very rapidly. 

This unique succulent plant is an interesting and low-maintenance succulent that can swiftly fill a room with its many progeny. Its unique appearance and reproductive strategy make it a fascinating addition to any succulent collection. Order Mother of Thousands succulent plants to enhance the look of your place. Get it from Secculent now. Secculent is a trusted plant-selling website with thousands of happy customers.


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