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Pachyphytum Compactum- Little Jewel (Bare Rooted)

Pachyphytum Compactum- Little Jewel (Bare Rooted)

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Pachyphytum compactum is a delightful succulent plant. It is valued for its eye-catching leaf and compact growth habit. It is also known as "Little Jewel." This plant is native to Mexico and belongs to the Crassulaceae family. Pachyphytum compactum is prized for its low maintenance requirements and eye-catching appearance. Pachyphytum compactum has fleshy, spoon-shaped leaves in closely clustered rosettes that vary in colour from mild blue-green to silvery-grey. The leaves frequently have a powdered covering that makes them appear frosted. The rosettes form a dense, symmetrical mound as they grow near the earth.

When you receive a Pachyphytum compactum that is bare-rooted, you must plant it in soil that drains well and is appropriate for succulents. To improve drainage, combine normal potting soil with pumice, perlite, or sand to create a proper soil mix. Bright, indirect sunshine is ideal for the growth of Pachyphytum compactum. While it can withstand some direct sunlight, it can require shade from the strong afternoon sun to avoid leaf burn. This drought-tolerant succulent has standard water requirements. 

Little Jeweli is a wonderful addition to any collection of succulents. It is a well-liked option for both indoor and outdoor growing because of its small size, eye-catching leaves, and simplicity of maintenance. Order Pachyphytum compactum from Secculent now because thousands of happy customers trust Secculent.


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