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Pachyveria Clavata - Banana (Bare Rooted)

Pachyveria Clavata - Banana (Bare Rooted)

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Pachyveria Clavata is a beautiful succulent plant. It is also referred to as "Banana," and is admired for its unusual shape and vivid colours. Pachyveria Clavata is a hybrid plant that combines the best characteristics of both parent species, Pachyphytum Oviferum and Echeveria. It belongs to Mexico and is a member of the Crassulaceae family. Its leaves have compact rosettes of succulent, spoon-shaped leaves with bluish-green hues and pink or purple borders. The plant gets its common name from the unique curving curvature of its leaves, which resembles a banana. The plant may develop offsets around the base as it ages, creating a clumping habit.

It needs bright, indirect sunshine, which is ideal for growth. While it can withstand some direct sunlight, it can require shade from the strong afternoon sun to avoid leaf burn. Pachyveria Clavata can tolerate drought conditions as well. Water this plant in moderation; when the soil seems completely dry, water it well, but don't water it too much because this can cause root rot.

The whimsical touch that this beautiful succulent plant brings to any succulent garden or collection is what makes it so endearing and unique. It's a well-liked option for both new and seasoned succulent aficionados due to its distinctive shape, vivid colours, and simplicity of maintenance. This plant will come as bare-rooted, which means the soil around its roots will not be there. This method prevents diseases in plants while in transit. Order Pachyveria Clavata from Secculent to enhance the look of your place.


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