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Red Shaded Sedum (Bare Rooted)

Red Shaded Sedum (Bare Rooted)

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Red Shaded Sedum is a compelling succulent that is prized for its eye-catching red-tinted foliage, low maintenance requirements, and adaptability to a variety of garden settings. It belongs to the genus Sedum, which has several resilient, drought-tolerant plants. The fleshy, tiny leaves of Red Shaded Sedum vary in colour from green to a deep red, contingent upon their exposure to sunlight. The leaves frequently group tightly together to form a dense mat of foliage that gives any garden a brilliant pop of colour.

Red Shaded Sedum is a great option for ground cover, rock gardens, or container gardening because it usually reaches a height of three to six inches. This will enhance the look of the place. It stretches horizontally to create a visually appealing, colourful carpet. It may cover bare soil or cascade over container boundaries because of its creeping growth habit and rapid filling-in ability. Plant the bare-root Sedum in a succulent mix or cactus bed that has good drainage. To avoid waterlogging, make sure the planting location or container has enough drainage. 

Red Shaded Sedum is a well-liked option for gardeners and succulent aficionados because of its colourful foliage, low maintenance needs, and versatility. It adds a pop of colour and texture to both indoor and outdoor environments, making it a great addition to any plant collection due to its adaptability and ability to grow in a variety of circumstances. Red-shaded Sedum will be delivered as bare roots, which prevents any kind of diseases in plants while in transit. Order your first Red Shaded Sedum from Secculent now!


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