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Silver Torch Cactus (Bare Rooted)

Silver Torch Cactus (Bare Rooted)

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Cleistocactus Strausii, commonly known as Silver Torch Cactus, is a unique-looking perennial cactus, thanks to its wooly white appearance given by the fine needles and bristles covering its stem. It can be an amazing houseplant and a great addition to your cacti collection.

This plant is really easy to grow, and the only thing you need to avoid when caring for it is overwatering. Other than this, Cleistocactus strausii is really forgiving and has the typically needs most succulents have.

Silver Torch Cactus is one of the two most popular species from the Cleistocactus genus. The name comes from the Greek “kleistos,” which means “closed,” representing the fact that the red/burgundy flowers that the plant produces hardly open.

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