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Cotyledon Tomentosa "Bear's Paw" (Bare Rooted)

Cotyledon Tomentosa "Bear's Paw" (Bare Rooted)

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Cotyledon Tomentosa is a beautiful succulent and is admired for its unusual appearance and fuzzy texture. It is also known as "Bear's Paw." This plant is native to South Africa and is a member of the Crassulaceae family, which also includes well-known succulents like Sedum and Echeveria. The name "Bear's Paw" comes from the unusual form and fuzzy texture of the plant's leaves, which resemble a bear's paw. The leaves have a velvety, smooth texture because they are heavily coated in tiny hairs. Their hue is usually silvery-grey-green, with reddish edges that enhance their visual appeal.

Cotyledon Tomentosa grows well in soil that drains well. Water this plant frequently but do not over water it. Overwatering can damage its roots and cause root rot. Bear's Paw succulents may flourish with the right care, bringing a whimsical element to any collection of indoor or outdoor succulents.

This beautiful succulent is delivered as bare-rooted, meaning that its roots are left bare and unprotected. Because this method of selling minimises the weight and volume of the item, it is frequently used for shipping. It is simple to replant Cotyledon Tomentosa, which has lost its roots. Pick a pot that drains well and fill it with the right kind of succulent potting mix. Make sure the plant's roots are equally distributed before gently setting it in the pot's middle. If you also want to give an elegant look to your indoors and garden, then order this plant from our website, Secculent.


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