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Craassula Campfire -Verigated (Bare Rooted)

Craassula Campfire -Verigated (Bare Rooted)

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One of Crassula's most prized cultivars is 'Campfire Crassula', which is known for its vibrant and striking foliage. The variegated Crassula 'Campfire' is a small succulent with fleshy, triangular leaves that are colourful. Campfire Crassula's leaves can usually be found in a variety of colours, from vivid green to yellow, orange, and red, especially in response to sunlight or stressful situations. The name "Campfire" comes from its remarkable variation and ability to imitate a flame.

This Campfire Crassula needs bright light to grow, which means it needs several hours of direct sunlight daily. This contributes to the colours' increased intensity. Succulent-specific soil that drains well is important for Campfire Crassula, and lets the soil dry out in between waterings. When given the proper growing conditions, this Crassula will flourish and delight with its colourful foliage.

This cultivar brings warmth and colour to succulent collections, rock gardens, or container displays. Cactus lovers often choose 'Campfire' because of its blazing colours and compact growing habit. It is a low maintenance plant that needs very little care. Choose this plant if you are a busy person and can not spend hours in the garden. Crassula 'Campfire' (Variegated) is sold as Bare Rooted. Order this beautiful plant now from Secculent.


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