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Crassula Capitella Sharp Red (Bare Rooted)

Crassula Capitella Sharp Red (Bare Rooted)

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The succulent Crassula Capitella 'Sharp Red' is a remarkable addition to any collection, adding a vivid pop of colour. This plant can be grown inside or outdoors and is bare-rooted, ready to flourish. The striking gradient effect of the Crassula Capitella 'Sharp Red' is attributed to its eye-catching, triangular-shaped leaves, which change from green to brilliant red tips. Because of its dense clusters formed by its compact and branching growth habit, it is a great choice for succulent arrangements or rock gardens.

Crassula Capitella Sharp Red is a low-maintenance succulent that prefers well-draining soil and bright, indirect sunlight to flourish. To avoid overwatering and preserve the rich colour of the soil, let it dry out in between irrigations. Crassula Capitella 'Sharp Red' is a drought-tolerant plant that works well in xeriscape environments since it can tolerate dry conditions.

The alluring elegance of Crassula Capitella 'Sharp Red' will elevate your space. This plant will undoubtedly become the centre of attention whether arranged in a succulent garden or shown in a stylish pot. Crassula Capitella 'Sharp Red' will add flair to your succulent collection, and you will love growing this eye-catching and low-maintenance plant. You can order it from Secculent's website at a very competitive price. Secculent provides legit plants and is trusted by thousands of customers.


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