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Crassula Star (Bare Rooted)

Crassula Star (Bare Rooted)

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"Crassula Star" is the cultivar name within the Crassula genus. This beautiful succulent is known for its unique star-shaped foliage and growth habits. Crassula Star's unique leaves grow in green, but after some time, when it reaches maturity, its tip changes to a light pink colour. This beautiful crassula is good for indoors, especially for your guest rooms or drawing room. You can also place Crassula Star in your rocky garden.

Bright, indirect sunshine is preferred by the Crassula Star. Crassula Star can withstand a certain amount of direct sunlight, particularly in the morning, but severe afternoon sun can burn leaves. It is suited to arid environments. Use water sparingly for Crassula Star, letting the soil dry up in between applications. Rotten roots might result from overwatering. Use a potting mix that drains well for this succulent. To avoid wet soil, proper drainage is crucial.

Crassula Star is good for both indoors and outdoors. This succulent plant is delivered "bare-rooted," which indicates that there is no dirt surrounding the roots when it is shipped or sold. Succulents are frequently shipped using this technique to cut down on expenses and lower the possibility of problems with the soil developing while in transit. When a bare-rooted Crassula plant is delivered, pot it in an appropriate succulent container. Order your first Crassula Star from Secculent now.


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