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Echeveria Apus (Bare Rooted)

Echeveria Apus (Bare Rooted)

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Echeveria 'Apus' is a cultivar of the succulent plant genus Echeveria, which is distinguished by its eye-catching beauty and foliage rosette shape. Echeveria 'Apus's compact rosettes of thick, fleshy leaves, usually blue-grey to bluish-green in colour. Its leaves are spoon-shaped and appear velvety and matte due to a waxy or powdery covering called pruinose. In some cases, the leaves of 'Apus' may have faintly pinkish or reddish borders. Echeveria 'Apus' is prized for having lovely foliage and a symmetrical growth habit.

Echeveria 'Apus' grows in bright light, which means it should get several hours of direct sunlight every day. A plant's growth may become stretched and extended due to inadequate light. To plant Echeveria 'Apus', use succulent-specific soil that drains well and lets the soil dry out in between waterings. The lovely cultivar Echeveria 'Apus' is good for enhancing succulent collections, rock gardens, and container arrangements with grace and beauty. 'Apus' is a very adaptable and satisfying plant to cultivate, with its characteristic rosette shape and eye-catching blue-green foliage. 

Echeveria 'Apus' is good for both novice and experienced gardeners. This plant is sold as "Bare Rooted," which means the plant is offered without soil around its roots. This method prevents any type of soil-related issues during delivery. It is important to care for Echeveria 'Apus and plant this plant in suitable soil to prevent dehydration and stress. Order this beautiful plant from Secculent at the best price.


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