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Echeveria Black Prince 'Vishnu Kamal' (Bare Rooted)

Echeveria Black Prince 'Vishnu Kamal' (Bare Rooted)

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Echeveria Black Prince, also called 'Vishnu Kamal,' is distinguished by its eye-catching dark foliage and graceful rosette form. The velvety-textured, deep-black, nearly black rosettes of leaves characterise the Echeveria Black Prince cultivar. In some lighting situations, the leaf can seem almost black, which makes it stand out dramatically when paired with other succulents or garden accents.

Echeveria Black Prince 'Vishnu Kamal' is a bare-rooted plant that may be easily transplanted into any container or garden environment because it comes unpotted and without soil. This lets you display its distinct colour and shape in a customised arrangement. To thrive, Echeveria Black Prince needs well-draining soil and lots of indirect, bright sunlight. To avoid root rot, water sparingly and let the soil dry completely in between applications. Echeveria Black Prince can tolerate dryness and grows well in the arid conditions found in desert vegetation.

Echeveria Black Prince 'Vishnu Kamal' is a great option for container displays and succulent gardens. Succulent lovers and collectors love it for its confined growth habit and dark leaves. With its distinctive hue and graceful rosette form, Echeveria Black Prince 'Vishnu Kamal' is an alluring and low-maintenance succulent that will enhance the attractiveness and look of your indoor or outdoor setting. Order Echeveria Black Prince from Secculent and give an elegant look to your indoors and garden.


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