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Echeveria Chris - Orange (Bare Rooted)

Echeveria Chris - Orange (Bare Rooted)

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 Echeveria 'Chris' (Orange) is a famous species of succulent, which is distinguished by its vivid colours and rosette-shaped leaf. It is distinguished by a compact rosette of meaty, thick leaves that, in direct sunlight, become a vivid orange hue. The spoon-shaped leaves may have tips that are somewhat pointed. Echeveria 'Chris' is prized for its vibrant colour and eye-catching growth pattern, which is good for your succulent collections and garden.

Echeveria 'Chris' needs bright light to flourish; it should get at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight every day. The plant may become lanky and lose its bright colours due to inadequate light. Plant 'Chris' in a succulent-specific soil that drains well and let the soil dry out in between waterings. Particularly in the winter, when the plant's growth slows down, water the plant thoroughly but sparingly. This succulent is delivered bare-rooted, which indicates that the soil surrounding its roots is not there. This is good for the plant; it helps to reduce the weight of the plant while in transit, and it prevents any root rots as well.

Echeveria 'Chris' (Orange) is a stunning cultivar that adds a pop of colour to succulent arrangements, rock gardens, or containers. With proper care and attention to its growing requirements, this Echeveria will thrive and reward you with its beautiful orange foliage. Order your Echeveria 'Chris' (Orange) from Secculent to enhance the look of your indoors and your garden.


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