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Echeveria Hermsii - Plush Plant (Bare Rooted)

Echeveria Hermsii - Plush Plant (Bare Rooted)

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"Plush Plant," or Echeveria Harmsii, is a lovely succulent species valued for its endearing rosettes and distinct texture. The Plush Plant, Echeveria Harmsii, is named for its soft, plush appearance. Echeveria Harmsii has tightly packed, spoon-shaped leaves that are covered in tiny, white hairs. It forms compact rosettes. When exposed to intense light, the normally grey-green to blue-green leaves may show hints of pink or crimson hues. Echeveria Hermsii - Plush Plant is prized for its beautiful leaf and compact growth habit.

Echeveria Hermsii - Plush Plant grows in bright light, which means it should get several hours of direct sunlight daily. This beautiful plant's growth can be affected by inadequate light. The 'Plush Plant' needs specific soil that drains well. To take care of this plant let the soil dry out in between waterings. 

The Plush Plant, or Echeveria Harmsii, is a lovely addition to container arrangements, rock gardens, and succulent collections. This plant can make any indoor or outdoor environment more visually interesting and beautiful, with a velvety texture and lovely rosette form. This echeveria is sold as "Bare Rooted," which means the plant is offered without soil around its roots. This method is commonly used for shipping and selling plants. Take care of this beautiful succulent, and make your place more beautiful. Order your Echeveria Hermsii - Plush Plant from Secculent. Secculent is the best website for plant buying. It is trusted by thousands of happy customers.


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