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Echeveria Kimnachii (Bare Rooted)

Echeveria Kimnachii (Bare Rooted)

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Echeveria Kimnachii is an exquisite succulent plant prized for its eye-catching hues and unusual rosette form. It is a native of Mexico and a member of the Crassulaceae family. Because of its beauty and low maintenance requirements, succulent fans greatly value it.

The thick, fleshy leaves of Echeveria Kimnachii grow in dense, compact rosettes, usually with a powdered blue-grey hue. The characteristic crimson ends and margins of the leaves provide a visually arresting contrast that intensifies in direct sunshine. The rosettes can go as big as 6 inches in diameter, which makes the plant compact and eye-catching. Echeveria Kimnachii may grow long stalks with clusters of tiny, bell-shaped blooms in the spring or summer. These blossoms, typically pink or orange, give the plant an additional decorative element.

Echeveria Kimnachii grows in the soil which is a succulent or cactus mix that drains well. Like any other succulent bright, indirect sunlight is ideal for the growth of Echeveria Kimnachii. Shield it from the strong afternoon sunlight to avoid getting sunburned. Maintain a temperature range of 65–80°F for the plant. Use minimal water, letting the soil dry up in between applications. Keep it away from intense heat and frost. 

When sold as "bare rooted," Echeveria Kimnachii has been removed from its pot or growing medium, leaving its roots exposed. This method of shipping minimises weight and reduces the risk of soil-borne diseases. Get your first Echeveria Kimnachii from Secculent now!


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