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Echeveria Minima (Bare Rooted)

Echeveria Minima (Bare Rooted)

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Echeveria minima is a delightful succulent and is distinguished by its small height and eye-catching rosettes of succulent leaves. A little species of Echeveria known as Echeveria minima produces compact rosettes with spoon-shaped leaves that are closely packed. Usually, its leaves are green to bluish-green in colour. Sometimes, the leaves might have hints of pink or crimson near the margins, particularly in intense light or in cold weather. Echeveria minima are perfect for tiny containers and rock gardens because they don't grow too big.

This beautiful succulent needs bright light to grow, and should get several hours of direct sunlight every day. Stretching of the plant's growth can be brought on by inadequate light. Plant 'Echeveria minima' in succulent-specific soil that drains well and let the soil dry out in between waterings. It is a great addition to tiny gardens, succulent collections, or any small area where its eye-catching rosettes and compact size are appreciated. 

Echeveria minima will flourish and repay you with its distinct beauty if you take care of this plant according to its needs. This plant will enhance the look of your indoor or outdoor garden! When Echeveria minima is sold as "Bare Rooted," it reduces weight and minimises the risk of soil-related issues during delivery of the plant. To give an elegant look to your indoor or garden, book Echeveria minima from Secculent.


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