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Echeveria Peacockii (Bare Rooted)

Echeveria Peacockii (Bare Rooted)

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Echeveria Peacockii is a charming succulent valued for its compact, tightly organised, symmetrical rosettes of meaty, blue-green leaves. This cultivar is prized for its graceful shape and capacity to generate offsets, which eventually group together to form rosettes. This charming succulent is also popularly called Peacock Echeveria. Its leaves are spoon-shaped and thick, with a powdered coating that gives them a unique blue-green colour. The plant's aesthetic appeal is enhanced by the delicate pink or crimson borders on its leaves. It may produce thin stalks that are covered in pink, coral, or orange bell-shaped blooms while it is in bloom.

Echeveria Peacockii can tolerate drought conditions and also withstand some direct sunshine. This succulent prefers bright, indirect sunlight. A lack of light might cause development to become stretched out. This plant needs soil that drains properly in order to avoid waterlogging and keep roots growing healthily. While watering this succulent, use minimal water and let the soil dry up in between applications. Over watering can damage the plants' roots and cause root rot. It prefers temperatures between 65 and 80°F. Avoid frigid conditions, particularly in areas with lower temperatures.

Growing Echeveria Peacockii indoors or outdoors is an option for this adaptable plant. Any area is made more beautiful and interesting by Echeveria Peacockii, with its gorgeous leaves and low maintenance needs. It works great as a desktop or windowsill plant in succulent gardens, rockeries, and containers. Echeveria Peacockii will be delivered as bare-rooted. Order your Echeveria Peacockii from Secculent.


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