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Echeveria Rolly 'Blue Bird' (Bare Rooted)

Echeveria Rolly 'Blue Bird' (Bare Rooted)

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Echeveria Rolly 'Blue Bird' is an attractive succulent. It is highly valued for its eye-catching rosettes of succulent, blue-green leaves grouped in a compact, symmetrical pattern. The thick, spoon-shaped leaves of Echeveria Rolly 'Blue Bird' have a powdered coating that gives them a blue-green colour that gets stronger in direct sunshine. The plant's aesthetic attractiveness may be enhanced by the delicately ruffled margins of its leaves. This cultivar is well-known for its quick development and capacity to generate offsets, which eventually group together to create rosettes. It may send up tall stems covered with pink, orange, or yellow bell-shaped blooms during the blooming season.

Echeveria Rolly 'Blue Bird' can handle some direct sunshine, but this beautiful succulent prefers bright, indirect sunlight. A lack of light might cause development to become stretched out. After planting this succulent, use minimal water and let the soil dry up in between applications. Echeveria Rolly 'Blue Bird' can withstand droughts but not overwater it because it can damage the roots of the plant and cause root rot. It is not frost-tolerant and prefers temperatures between 65 and 80°F. Avoid frigid conditions, particularly in areas with lower temperatures.

Echeveria Rolly 'Blue Bird' with its striking foliage and low maintenance needs, is a wonderful addition to succulent gardens, pots, or indoor displays. It offers year-round beauty and interest. This succulent will be delivered as bare rooted which means the soil around its roots will not be there because this practice helps to prevent any kind of disease in plants while in transit. Get your Echeveria Rolly 'Blue Bird' from Secculent.


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