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Echeveria Strictiflora "Purple (Bare Rooted)

Echeveria Strictiflora "Purple (Bare Rooted)

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A delightful succulent species called "Echeveria Strictiflora" is distinguished by its unusual rosette form and eye-catching purple colouring. The spiral-organised, elongated, and narrow leaves of Echeveria Strictiflora are clustered in compact rosettes. The leaves have a stunning purple colour that becomes more intense in the presence of stress or more sunlight, especially around the tips or margins. For succulent gardens or containers, Echeveria Strictiflora is a compact and eye-catching addition because of its rosettes, which can reach a diameter of several inches.

Bright, indirect sunshine is ideal for the growth of Echeveria Strictiflora. To avoid leaf burn, place it in a spot with enough sunlight, but shield it from strong, direct sunlight. Water this succulent rarely, letting the soil get fully dry in between applications. For Echeveria Strictiflora, use a succulent potting mix that drains well. Make sure there is good drainage in the soil to avoid waterlogging.

Echeveria Strictiflora "Purple" is a lovely and easy-to-care-for succulent that adds colour and elegance to any succulent collection or garden. This plant is delivered bare-rooted, which means that it will be delivered with no soil around the roots. This practice helps in preventing various kinds of diseases in plants while they are in transit. Order your Echeveria Strictiflora "Purple" from Secculent today. Secculent is trusted by thousands of happy customers.


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