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Echeveria Supia (Bare Rooted)

Echeveria Supia (Bare Rooted)

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Echeveria Supia is a unique and in-demand cultivar of Echeveria and is renowned for its exquisite colours and rosette shape. Echeveria Supia has dense rosettes of fleshy, thick leaves that are a delicate blue-green to lavender-grey hue. Farina, a powdered covering on the leaves, enhances their visual attractiveness by giving them a dusty or frosted appearance. The rosettes of Echeveria Supia can reach a diameter of several inches, which makes it a perfect plant for rock gardens, succulent arrangements, and container gardens.

The spoon-shaped, slightly cupped leaves of this beautiful succulent have smooth edges. Along the leaf margins, they frequently display faint traces of pink or purple, especially in direct sunshine. The symmetrical rosette form and overall grace of the foliage of this cultivar make it highly regarded.

Bright, indirect sunshine is ideal for the growth of Echeveria Supia. It should be placed where it will receive at least 4–6 hours of sunlight each day. Make sure it is shielded from direct sunlight during the day.. Use minimal water on Echeveria Supia, letting the soil dry up entirely in between applications. Watering too much might cause root rot; therefore, it's critical to keep a balanced watering schedule. Echeveria Supia is a captivating and low-maintenance succulent that adds beauty and charm to any indoor or outdoor succulent collection. Get your Echeveria Supia from Secculent.


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