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Faucaria Tigrina Tiger Jaw (Bare Rooted)

Faucaria Tigrina Tiger Jaw (Bare Rooted)

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 Faucaria tigrina is a beautiful succulent from South Africa. It is a distinctive and fascinating member of the Aizoaceae family of succulent plants. It is also known as "Tiger Jaw." This succulent is a popular choice among aficionados and is praised for its unique beauty and ease of maintenance. 

The Tiger Jaw plant has fleshy, three-sided leaves. The leaves grow in pairs along the stems to form clusters or groups. It gets its name from the sharp-edged, teeth-enveloped leaves that it possesses. Normally green, the leaves can also have dots or marks and turn reddish or purplish when under stress or due to excessive light.

The Tiger Jaw can reach a height of six inches and spread up to twelve inches. It may be arranged in an orderly manner to catch attention. At the end of summer or the beginning of autumn, it may produce small yellow flowers with white or pink centres. These flowers attract bees and butterflies. They open during the day and close at night.

This plant does well in soils that drain water easily. It needs bright, indirect light to thrive. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can damage leaves. Water it lightly and give time between watering sessions. Maintain a temperature between 60-80°F around it, but prevent frost and extreme heat.Tiger Jaw is a fascinating addition to succulent collections,rock gardens,and even indoor displays owing to its interesting look and easy care.


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