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Graptopetalum Mirinae (Bare Rooted)

Graptopetalum Mirinae (Bare Rooted)

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 Graptopetalum Mirinae is a pretty succulent with delicate rosettes and muted pastel hues. This beautiful succulent is also known as "Ghost Plant." It is a native of Mexico and a member of the Crassulaceae family, which also includes well-known succulents like Sedum and Echeveria. With almost translucent leaves that have a ghostly look, the name "Ghost Plant" perfectly captures its ethereal aspect. Depending on the temperature and amount of sunlight, Graptopetalum Mirinae develops tight rosettes with thick, fleshy leaves that can range in colour from soft pink or lavender to pale blue-green.

This plant prefers indirect, bright light to grow well. Put it next to a window that gets plenty of sunshine or wherever else it will get plenty of light all day. Avoid harsh and direct sunlight because it can damage its leaves. The plant may also become elongated in development or lose its colour due to inadequate light. It is not too difficult to replant Graptopetalum Mirinae with bare roots. Pick a pot that drains well and fill it with the right kind of succulent potting mix. 

Moderation is key while watering Graptopetalum Mirinae because excessive wetness might cause root rot. In between waterings, let the soil somewhat dry out, then thoroughly water, making sure that any excess water drains away. Reduce the frequency of watering during the winter dormant season of the plant to avoid moisture-related problems. Graptopetalum Mirinae is delivered as bare-rooted to avoid any kind of disease in the plant while in transit. Order Graptopetalum Mirinae now from Secculent at a competitive price.


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