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Graptoveria Silver Star (Bare Rooted)

Graptoveria Silver Star (Bare Rooted)

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 Graptoveria Silver Star is a hybrid succulent that combines the best qualities of Graptopetalum Paraguayense and Echeveria Derenbergii. This eye-catching hybrid produces a plant with gorgeous rosette-forming silvery-blue leaves. It's a favourite among succulent fans because of its easy maintenance qualities and aesthetic appeal. 

Graptoveria Silver Star's well-being depends on its placement. Plant this succulent in a spot that receives enough sunlight—ideally, several hours of direct sunlight each day. This plant is delivered bare-rooted, which means the soil will be removed from its roots. This method is important because with the soil the plant can get infected easily while in transit. It can be easily replanted with its roots exposed. Choose a pot that drains properly and prepare a suitable succulent potting mix. 

This succulent requires very little watering because it is very drought-tolerant. To avoid root rot, let the soil completely dry out in between waterings and make sure that any extra water drains away. Healthy development of this beautiful succulent can be encouraged by sporadically fertilising with diluted succulent fertiliser during the growing season, which is usually spring and summer.

This Succulent is good indoors. If you want to give your indoors an elegant look, then order Graptoveria Silver Star from Secculent. Secculent is a trusted website with thousands of happy customers. You can get beautiful plants at very affordable prices. Order now!


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