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Haworthia Attenuata V. Britteniana (Bare Rooted)

Haworthia Attenuata V. Britteniana (Bare Rooted)

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The stunning succulent species Haworthia Attenuata var. Britteniana, also referred to as the "Zebra Plant," is known for its unique look and ease of maintenance. This cacti plant produces thick, triangular rosettes of leaves with sharp points. The common name comes from the dark green leaves that are dotted with white bands or stripes that run horizontally, resembling zebra stripes. Haworthia Attenuata var. Britteniana is a good option for tiny containers or indoor succulent gardens because it is a compact and clump-forming type. 

Haworthia Attenuata var. Britteniana needs indirect light to grow. This cacti needs soil that drains well and is designed for cacti or succulents. Make sure to water this plant regularly to avoid root rot. Zebra Plant needs low light, which means it is ideal for interior spaces. It is a lovely, low-maintenance cactus plant. Give Haworthia Attenuata var. Britteniana enough care and light; it will flourish and repay you with its distinct beauty. 

Haworthia Attenuata var. Britteniana is sold as "Bare Rooted," which means the plant is offered without soil around its roots. This method is commonly used by manu vendors, this practice helps reduce weight and minimises the risk of soil-related issues during transit. Upon receiving a bare-root Haworthia Attenuata var. Britteniana, handle the plant carefully and promptly plant it in suitable soil to prevent dehydration and stress. Order this plant from Secculent now!


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