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Haworthia Cuspidata (Bare Rooted)

Haworthia Cuspidata (Bare Rooted)

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Haworthia Cuspidata is a tiny succulent that belongs to the Asphodelaceae family and is a native of South Africa. It forms clumps. Enthusiasts of succulents favour it for its distinctive appearance and low maintenance requirements. Haworthia Cuspidata has thick, triangular leaves that taper to a point and create rosettes. The leaves have a spiky appearance due to the prominent ridges or "teeth" along their edges. Although they are normally dark green, stress or harsh light can cause them to appear reddish or brownish. The diameter of the rosettes is usually no more than 4 inches. Haworthia Cuspidata may yield slender, tubular white flowers on long stalks in the spring and summer.

To grow Haworthia cuspidata to maturity, use a succulent or cactus mixture that drains effectively. Bright, indirect sunshine is ideal for growth. Keep it out of the strong afternoon sun, which can scorch the leaves. Use minimal water, letting the soil dry up between applications. Rotten roots might result from overwatering. Maintain a temperature range of 60–80°F for Haworthia cuspidate. Keep it away from intense heat and frost. 

Haworthia Cuspidata is sold as "bare rooted," meaning that its roots are visible since they have been removed from its pot or growing media. Succulents are frequently shipped using this technique to save weight and lower the possibility of soil-borne illnesses. Order your Haworthia Cuspidata from Secculent now. Secculent is a trusted website by thousands of happy customers.


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