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Haworthia Green (Bare Rooted)

Haworthia Green (Bare Rooted)

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Haworthia Green is a small and beautiful succulent plant. Haworthia Green is in the genus Haworthia and is native to Southern Africa. It is distinguished by its rosette-forming growth habit and eye-catching, frequently textured leaves. As the name implies, Haworthia Green usually has spiral-shaped rosettes of succulent green leaves. There may be translucent or transparent sections on the leaves, giving them a windowed appearance that lets light in and helps in photosynthesis. Certain types of leaves may have elevated ridges or bumps that enhance their visual appeal. 

Depending on the species and growth environment, Haworthia plants can vary in size and shape; some stay compact, while others eventually produce clumps. Haworthia plants can withstand moderate shade, but they prefer bright, indirect sunlight. Particularly in warm climates, direct sunlight can burn leaves. It is not frost-tolerant and grows best in temperatures between 65 and 80°F. Avoid frigid conditions, particularly in areas with lower temperatures. 

Growing Haworthia Green indoors or outdoors is an option for this adaptable plant. It works great as a desktop or windowsill plant in succulent gardens, rockeries, and containers. Haworthia Green gives visual intrigue and beauty to any area with its eye-catching foliage and low-maintenance needs. Haworthia Green comes as bare-rooted, which means the soil will not be its own roots. This method prevents any kind of disease in plants. Get your Haworthia Green from Secculent at a competitive price. Order now!


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