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Haworthia Retusa (Bare Rooted)

Haworthia Retusa (Bare Rooted)

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Haworthia Retusa, popularly called Window Haworthia, is a unique succulent plant that is highly valued for its low maintenance requirements and unusual appearance. It is a member of the Haworthia genus, which is made up of several species of small, native to Southern Africa succulents that grow rosette-shaped plants. Haworthia Retusa is provided as a bare-rooted plant, which means it may be easily transplanted into your choice growing media without the need for a pot or soil. It prefers bright, indirect light and does well in inside settings. 

Haworthia Retusa or Star Cactus is a low-maintenance succulent. Haworthia Retusa, like the majority of succulents, needs soil that drains well and should only be watered infrequently, letting the soil dry out in between applications to avoid root rot. It thrives in indirect light and drained soil. Haworthia Retusa is popular among plant enthusiasts looking for unusual variations because of its geometric design and fascinating leaf structure.

Haworthia Retusa, with its star-like appearance and lovely leaves, is only one of the many varieties of Haworthias that are prized for their distinctive shapes and patterns. Exclusive to Secculent, Haworthia Retusa's captivating beauty will add a touch of magic to your collection of succulents. Bring this amazing succulent Haworthia Retusa home to create a calm and heavenly space where its graceful presence will be appreciated and loved. Order now from our website.

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