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Haworthiopsis Attenuata "Concolor" (Bare Rooted)

Haworthiopsis Attenuata "Concolor" (Bare Rooted)

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Haworthiopsis Attenuata "Concolor" refers to a specific cultivar of the species Haworthiopsis Attenuata. This plant originated from South Africa. Haworthiopsis Attenuata belongs to the aloaceae family. Due to its distinctive striped pattern on its leaves, this succulent plant is commonly known as the zebra plant or zebra Haworthia. It has white dots on its leaves.

The term "Concolor" variety usually refers to a kind of Haworthiopsis Attenuata that lacks the characteristic white tubercles or bands that contrast with its green colouring. Its leaves typically grow in compact clusters as smooth, cylindrical rosettes.

Haworthiopsis Attenuata is a low maintenance succulent plant, it can grow in indirect sunlight. It is good for both indoors and outdoors. This succulent is delivered as "Bare rooted," it means the plant is offered for sale without any dirt surrounding its roots. Before being shipped or sold, the plant's roots are usually cleared of dirt rather than being potted. This technique is popular for transporting plants because it lowers weight and occasionally helps avoid problems with the soil while in transit.

A bare-rooted Haworthiopsis Attenuata "Concolor" should be potted as soon as possible in appropriate soil to aid in the plant's establishment and continued healthy growth. Because of its small size and distinctive shape, this Haworthiopsis type is often easy to care for and looks great in indoor succulent collections. Book Haworthiopsis Attenuata form Secculent now.


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