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Kalanchoe Tomentosa - Panda (Bare Rooted)

Kalanchoe Tomentosa - Panda (Bare Rooted)

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The wonderful succulent Kalanchoe Tomentosa, also referred to as the "Panda Plant," is distinguished by its velvety, fuzzy leaves and lovely appearance. Kalanchoe Tomentosa's oval-shaped leaves are coated in tiny, silvery hairs that give the leaves a fuzzy, silky touch. Typically, the edges of the leaves contain brownish-maroon patches that mimic the patterns found on a panda's fur, that is why Kalanchoe Tomentosa is known as "Panda Plant."

Kalanchoe Tomentosa can reach heights of 1-2 feet (30-60 cm) and grows compactly and uprightly. Over time, dense clusters of rosettes form as a result of its tendency to generate new growth from the base. This plant grows in indirect, bright sunshine. They can withstand a certain amount of direct sunshine, but prolonged exposure to strong sunlight can damage this plant. To avoid root rot, they like well-draining soil, just like most succulents. Water this plant in moderation.

Kalanchoe Tomentosa - Panda is a popular option for indoor gardens, succulent collections, or beautiful plant arrangements due to its appealing foliage and appealing visuals. It will flourish and bring some texture and beauty to your area if given the right care and growth environment. Kalanchoe Tomentosa is sold as "bare rooted," which means that the plant is shipped or sold without soil around its roots. This method prevents any damage or disease in plants. Order your Kalanchoe Tomentosa or Panda Plant from Secculent.


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