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Lithop (Bare Rooted)

Lithop (Bare Rooted)

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Lithops are interesting succulent plants also known as Living Stones, that are indigenous to southern Africa. Lithops are well known for their distinctive appearance, which imitates the look of stones or pebbles, and they are members of the Aizoaceae family. They can blend in with their dry desert surroundings because of their adaption to camouflage, which also helps them stay safe from herbivores.

Lithops grow well in sunny areas both indoors and outdoors, provided they have well-draining soil and plenty of light. They are a great option for collectors looking for rare species because of their distinct texture and ability to withstand arid circumstances. Lithops are interesting plants that resemble other fascinating things to evade mammalian consumption. They may eventually develop daisy-like blossoms, which would enhance their already charming appearance.

Discover the magic of Lithops and use these remarkable succulents, which are only available at Secculent, to create an eye-catching arrangement. Whether you're an experienced gardener or just a beginner, Lithops will infuse your space with a hint of mystery and desert beauty. Accept the distinctiveness of Lithops and use these enthralling living stones to transform your garden! You can order any time from our website. We are trusted by thousands of customers.


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