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Orostachys Chanetii (Bare Rooted)

Orostachys Chanetii (Bare Rooted)

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Orostachys Chanetii is an enthralling succulent available from Succulent in bare-rooted specimens! Known by most as the Chinese Dunce Cap, this unusual plant has rosettes of silvery-green leaves that form tiny pagodas-like clusters. Its exotic look gives xeriscape landscapes, container arrangements, and rock gardens a captivating element.

The hardy succulent Orostachys Chanetii loves bright sunshine and well-draining soil. Because of its drought tolerance, it's great for low-maintenance gardening and a great choice for aficionados looking for unusual types. This eye-catching succulent will undoubtedly become the center of attention in any indoor or outdoor arrangement, evoking praise and appreciation.

Orostachys Chanetii adds a sense of elegance and innovation to any succulent collection with its cone-shaped growth pattern and beautiful colours. This plant's distinct beauty can brighten any area, whether it is arranged as a stand-alone specimen or included in a varied garden. It can give an elegant look to your garden or indoors.

Discover the charms of Orostachys Chanetii and bring this remarkable succulent home from Secculent to add a touch of exotic beauty and durability to your yard. Secculent is trusted by thousands of happy customers. Choose Secculent for any kind of plant at very competitive prices. 


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