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Oscularia Major (Bare Rooted)

Oscularia Major (Bare Rooted)

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Oscularia major is a sturdy, eye-catching succulent. This beautiful succulent is well-known for its unique foliage and lovely blossoms. This plant is indigenous to South Africa and a member of the Aizoaceae family. It is a well-liked option for succulent gardens and rockeries because of its expansive growing habit and eye-catching appeal. The thick, blue-green leaves of Oscularia major have serrated edges and alternately grow along the stems. The plant has a distinctive, sculptural appearance due to its slightly curved, triangular leaves. Oscularia major blooms in profusion during the blooming season; the small, daisy-like flowers are usually pink to purple in colour and make a striking contrast with the blue-green foliage.

Oscularia major grows best in sunny areas. It needs bright sunlight and soil that drains well. Because of its expansive growth habit and ability to spread quickly to cover a big area. It can also be planted in pots, where it will spill over the sides to produce an eye-catching show. Water this plant frequently, but do not overwater this plant because it can damage the plant's roots.

Oscularia major is a multipurpose, aesthetically pleasing succulent that requires little maintenance and is simple to grow. It is a well-liked option for lovers of succulents due to its unusual foliage and pretty blossoms. Oscularia major is delivered as bare roots, which means the soil around its roots will be absent. This method prevents diseases in plants while in transit. Order Oscularia major from Secculent now.


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