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Sedum makinoi- Purple Japanese Stonecerop (Bare Rooted)

Sedum makinoi- Purple Japanese Stonecerop (Bare Rooted)

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Sedum Makinoi is also known as Purple Japanese Stonecrop. This beautiful Purple Japanese Stonecrop belongs to Japan. It is popular because of its colourful foliage, low maintenance needs, and adaptability to many garden environments. The tiny, spherical leaves of this succulent grow in dense, mat-like clusters, earning it its name. When exposed to enough sunshine, the foliage usually has a dramatic purple colour. The plant's aesthetic attractiveness is enhanced by the leaves, which can also exhibit red and green tones. 

This Japanese stonecrop typically grows to a height of 2-4 inches, which is still rather little. Because of its horizontal spread, it's a great choice for a ground cover or trailing plant in a pot. It's great for covering bare soil or filling in gaps in rock gardens since it grows quickly and develops a thick carpet. Plant the bare-root Sedum Makinoi in well-draining soil. Use water sparingly, letting the soil dry out entirely in between applications. Although it can withstand drought, this plant can become overwatered. Sedum Makinoi grows best in indirect, bright sunshine. Although it can withstand some intense sunshine, especially to bring out the purple tones in its colouring, it should be gradually acclimated to avoid leaf burn.

This succulent is ideal for use as a ground cover along walkways or in garden beds. It looks great when displayed in hanging baskets and pots because of its trailing growth. Sedum Makinoi is perfect for rock gardens since it gives rocky environments more colour and texture. Get your Sedum Makinoi from Secculent at a very affordable price.


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