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Sedeveria Green (Bare Rooted)

Sedeveria Green (Bare Rooted)

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Sedeveria Green is a delightful hybrid succulent plant. Sedeveria is the result of a mix between the genera Sedum and Echeveria. It is a favourite among succulent fans because of its eye-catching green rosettes and low maintenance requirements. This succulent has rosettes of fleshy, thick leaves that are usually a vivid green colour. There can be a thin layer of wax on the leaves, giving them a gentle gloss. Exposure to sunshine might cause a little variation in colour. Sedeveria Green is ideal for mixed succulent arrangements and small pots because of its compact nature and rosettes that can reach a diameter of three to six inches. It grows in clumps, forming new rosettes around the base to give the appearance of lushness and fullness throughout time.

Sedeveria Green grows best in soil that drains effectively, like a succulent or cactus mix. Make sure there are drainage holes in the container to avoid waterlogging. Use water sparingly, letting the soil dry out entirely in between applications. Rotten roots might result from overwatering. Sedeveria Green prefers indirect, bright sunlight. If gradually accustomed, it may withstand brief exposure to direct sunshine. 

This beautiful succulent is perfect for windowsills, desktops, or shelves because of its small size and pretty rosettes. Ideal for terrariums, little pots, or groupings of mixed succulents. It adds colour and texture, thrives with few water requirements, and has an intriguing shape. Sedeveria Green is delivered as bare-rooted, which prevents disease in plant roots while in transit. Order Sedeveria Green now from Secculent.


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