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Sempervivum Pumilum (Bare Rooted)

Sempervivum Pumilum (Bare Rooted)

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Sempervivum Pumilum is a species of succulent plant in the family Crassulaceae, specifically in the genus Sempervivum. It has tight, compact rosettes of fleshy, pointy leaves. The leaves have a unique succulent texture, and depending on the growing environment, they may have crimson ends or borders. Sempervivum Pumilum is a cold-hardy succulent and is often used in rock gardens, containers, and alpine gardens.

Sempervivum Pumilum grows best in sunny outdoor environments. It prefers well-draining, aeration-rich, sandy or gravelly soil that has been mixed with organic fertilisers. Once established, this succulent can withstand droughts and it can also tolerate frost and cold temperatures. Sempervivum Pumilum is marketed for sale as 'Bare Rooted,' which means that the soil surrounding its roots is not there. This will help plants to not get damaged while shipping because they are lighter and simpler to handle while in travel.

Sempervivum Pumilum needs plenty of sunlight, soil that drains well, and regular watering to stay healthy. Once planted, Sempervivum Pumilum requires very little care and can flourish with little upkeep. To take care of this plant, regularly remove wasted flower stalks. Sempervivum Pumilum is a delightful year-round addition that provides texture and visual appeal to outdoor landscapes or rock gardens. Get your Sempervivum Pumilum from Secculent because Secculent is a trusted website with thousands of happy customers. Order now from Secculent.


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